VADORnet Broadband: Broadband Network

VADORnet Broadband gives you:

  • Access to a reliable network.
    VADORnet is already built, so you have no capital outlay. Many customers recoup their one-time equipment investment in just six months after connecting to VADORnet.

  • Room for growth.
    It’s easy to connect all your locations now – even if they’re miles apart – and add new locations over time, as you grow.

  • Plenty of bandwidth.
    Get all the capacity you need, even in outlying areas not served by T1 lines. VADORnet also supports Voice over Internet Protocol for telephone services.

  • More for less.
    VADORnet lets you move more data for less money compared to T1 solutions. Customers in some locations cut their monthly costs in half – or more – with VADORnet. You can eliminate all your T1 leased-line costs – forever—with VADORnet.

  • A “hardened” system.
    Redundant paths prevent network downtime; if a link goes down, data travels on an alternate path. VADORnet sites have generator backup to keep the network running even when there’s a loss of power. In addition, sites are reinforced to protect against severe weather events.

  • Data Security.
    Device encryption means your data is always safe and protected on VADORnet.

  • Peace of mind.
    Our engineers keep a close eye on our network with 24/7/365 monitoring tools and customer support. And since VADORnet is wireless, there’s no chance of lines b dug up or cut by field crews. If there’s an outage, we’ll likely know it before you do – and make the fix immediately so you’re back up in no time.


Connect every employee, all the time, on your own system

Municipalities and other customers sometimes need to deploy their own broadband network to connect many remote facilities in areas with complex geography, topography and infrastructure that can’t be served by VADORnet.

Once P&R builds your new broadband system, you own it. So after you’re up and running, you only need maintenance and future upgrades – no more monthly fees to lease separate lines at each location from different providers.

As a result, most customers fine that building their own point-to-point or point-to-multipoint broadband system pays for itself in one to three years.